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The Bilious Basket – the perfect gift for someone who suffers from migraines

The bilious basket is a little name I came up with for a little migraine survival guide all ready to go. Included are my top products that I recommend from Amazon for migraine sufferers like myself. You can read more about my tips and tricks for migraines right here, including some of my most time proven snacks to aid with nausea. These items would make a great care package for a friend or loved one who suffers from migraines and really show them how much you care.


Ginger Lotion

Ginger has therapeutic properties that aid with nausea.

Essential Oils

Essential oils like peppermint are known to help migraine sufferers. Diffuse them or just open the bottle and breathe in deeply.

Excedrin Migraine

Help relieve inflammation with Excedrin Migraine tablets, that also include a little bit of caffeine.

Migraine Cooling Face Mask

The cool feeling combined with lavender really helps.
TheraICE Rx

Microwaveable Neck Pillow

This microwaveable neck pillow infused with lavender is great for chronic pain sufferers. It can be heated up to provide relief.
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