The Most Delicious Apple Cider Mocktail


The start of autumn begins with apples for our family, and apple cider is the drink of choice for the entire household. For special gatherings, we’ll serve the traditional Martinelli’s sparkling apple cider, or you can also try their Sparkling Pear Cider! But this year, after our annual trip to Colonial Williamsburg, I was inspired by the Apple Cinnamon mocktail just added to the seasonal menu at our favorite, kid-friendly restaurant, Sweet Tea & Barley. I decided to re-create it at home for the entire family. It’s a cinch to make – even our toddler could mix it! But be careful! This drink is so tasty, you’ll likely need a bigger glass. Be sure to stock up on the ingredients in bulk – ours was gone after one meal!


The Perfect Apple Cider Mocktail

This is the perfect drink to start the beautiful Autumn season. 



All ingredients can be adjusted and measured to taste!

Apple Cider

Simple Syrup

Club Soda

Garnish: Cinnamon Apple Chips

Pretty simple right!? But deliciously sweet.


All the necesary ingredients to make this apple cider mocktail

Have these few ingredients on-hand to mix-up this seasonal beverage in a pinch when guests stop by!



I love garnishing mine with dried cinnamon apples. Adding a cinnamon stick would add more visually appeal and an added cinnamon flavor. It gives me these autumn vibes that we are claiming! 


This is probably the easiest recipe ever but… just mix all the ingredients together. Make sure you taste it so you get the perfect amount of each ingredient. It is all about adjusting this drink to your personal taste. 


Apple cider mocktail and autumn decorations

Classy, low-calorie, cool autumn beverage.


I prepared this drink with my toddler, and he just loved it. I manage to take some pictures before the glass was completely empty! This beverage provides a feeling of autumn and home that is just amazing,

Let me know if you make this super simple and delicious beverage. Best part… you don’t mind your kids drinking (or make!). 

If you try this, share a picture and tag us on Instagram! Did you like this recipe? Stay tuned for more!

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